Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
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Dean's Welcome

Dear Graduate Students and Postdocs,

I wish you a very warm welcome to the McGill community.

It is my hope that your years at McGill will be productive and creative ones. This is a time in your life when you will deepen your understanding of your field of study. It can also be a time in your life when you broaden your scope by meeting and getting to know young scholars from other departments and disciplines as well as those from other cultures and life experiences. Today's complex problems require approaches that integrate thoughts, ideas, and approaches from across a range of disciplines and cultures. It is my hope that your studies at McGill will prepare you to encounter science and scholarship in integrative and innovative ways, characterized by academic rigor and the responsible conduct of research and professional practice.

You have come to this university at a most exciting time. McGill has recently led the nation in a competition for funds for research infrastructure and in per capita research funding. These funds are creating state-of-the-art research in laboratories across a variety of disciplines. The renewal of equipment is accompanied by space renovations and new buildings. Best of all, there is a profusion of new professorial hires as well as funds to retain the wonderful world-class scholars and scientists who will be your professors at McGill. McGill is the most research intensive university in Canada, with the highest amount of research funding per professor.

I would encourage you both to give and to take from this campus and university community: help shape the university by becoming involved in important academic committees; contribute your ideas in class and to your research teams; work hard, but stop long enough to use the new athletic facilities and relax and enjoy yourself at Thomson House; if needed, get support from our excellent counselling, mental health, and learning disability services; attend the numerous lectures by international scholars that take place at McGill each week; listen to beautiful music in Pollack Hall; and travel all over the world to conferences supported by our Alma Mater travel funds.

Along with the wonderful staff of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office, my office is here to help you. I welcome your comments and ideas for improving yours and others' graduate and postdoctoral experiences at McGill. Please feel free to contact me for further information on graduate and postdoctoral studies.

Martha Crago, Ph.D.
Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

McGill University