Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

1.5.5 Compulsory Fees Student Services Fees

The Student Services fee is overseen by the Senate Committee on the Coordination of Student Services, a committee composed equally of students and University staff. Through the Office of the Dean of Students, these services are available on the Downtown and Macdonald campuses to help students achieve greater academic, physical, and social well-being.

The fee, complemented by revenue from the Quebec government, the University, and the generosity of donors, supports Athletics (including campus recreation and intercollegiate sports), Student Health (including Dental), Mental Health, Counselling and Tutorial, Chaplaincy, Career and Placement, Financial Aid and International Student Services, the Office for Students with Disabilities, First Year Students (including the Francophone Assistant), Off-Campus Housing, and the First Peoples' House. The Office of the Dean of Students also administers the academic integrity process as described in the Handbook of Student Rights and Responsibilities (see

The rates in 2005-2006 are $192 full-time (9cr and over); $115 part-time (0.1 cr - 8.99 cr); $63 additional session/non-thesis extension. Student Society Fees

Student Society fees are compulsory fees collected on behalf of student organizations. Fees must be approved by the student body through fee referenda according to the constitutional rules of the association or society.

Changes to Student Society fees are voted upon by the students during the Spring referendum period.


For International students, the student society fee includes the SSMU Dental Insurance plan of $98.20. International students will be obliged to participate in the University's compulsory International Health Insurance Plan, which at the 2005-06 rate costs $678 for single coverage. For more information, please contact International Student Services, (514) 398-6012. Registration Charge

The University charges a per credit registration charge to all students in courses and programs. This is assessed as follows: $6.63 per credit to a maximum of $99.45 per term. Information Technology Charge

The purpose of the information technology charge is to enhance certain technology services provided to students as well as to provide training and support to students in the use of new technology. The fee is assessed as follows: $5.95 per credit to a maximum of $89.25 per term. Transcript Charge

The University charges a per credit transcript charge to all students. This entitles students to order transcripts free of charge and is assessed as follows: $.60 per credit to a maximum of $9.00 per term. Copyright Fee

All Quebec universities pay a per credit fee to Copibec (a consortium that protects the interests of authors and editors) for the right to photocopy material protected by copyright. The fee is assessed as follows: $.63 per credit to a maximum of $9.45 per term.

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