Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

1.5.9 Other Policies Related to Fees Impact of Non-Payment

The University shall have no obligation to issue any transcript of record, award any diploma or re-register a student in case of non-payment of tuition fees, library fees, student housing fees or loans on their due date. Access to Minerva for registration functions will be denied until these debts are paid in full or arrangements made to settle the debt.

Students who register for a given term who have amounts owing from previous terms must make payment arrangements with the Student Accounts Office or request a fee deferral or financial aid through the Student Aid Office by the end of the course add/drop period. Failure to do so will lead to the current term's registration being cancelled. Acceptance of Fees vs. Academic Standing

Acceptance of fees by the University in no way guarantees that students will receive academic permission to pursue their studies. If it is subsequently determined that the academic standing does not permit the student to continue, all fees paid in advance will be refunded on application to the Student Accounts Office. Fees for Students in Two Programs

Students in two programs normally are billed additional fees for their second program. Depending on the level of the two programs eg., one program at the undergraduate vs. one program at the graduate level, students may incur both society and faculty fees and/or additional tuition fees. Consult the student accounts website for further details.

Student in two programs may consult the Admissions, Recruitment and Registrar's Office for information on tuition fees. Adjustments to bills will be made throughout the term when fees cannot be automatically calculated.

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