Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

1.5.10 Deferred Fee Payment Students with Sponsors

Students whose fees will be paid by an outside agency such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, CIDA, a foreign government, or their University department (i.e., teaching assistants or demonstrators), must have written evidence to that effect. Students in any of the above categories should go to the Student Accounts Office with the appropriate documentation.

When a third party has agreed to pay fees on behalf of a student, payment will be recorded on the fee account thereby reducing the balance the student must pay. The University reserves the right to insist upon payment. If the third party does not pay the promised fees within 90 days of invoicing, the student will be responsible for paying the fees plus the late payment fee and accrued interest. Refer to for further details. Students receiving McGill Scholarships/Awards

Fall Term:

McGill scholarships or awards are normally credited to the recipient's fee account by mid-August. These awards have the effect of reducing the student's outstanding balance.

Winter Term:

Students will be able to view upcoming Winter term scholarships or awards on Minerva once processed by the Student Aid Office. These awards are post-dated and will be released to the student's fee account by January 3rd. Students receiving Government Aid

Students are encouraged to pay their tuition promptly upon receipt of their government assistance. Interest on outstanding tuition is charged monthly beginning in August for returning students and in September for new students. Students who have applied for government assistance for full-time studies by June 30 will be entitled to an exemption of interest and late payment charges effective upon receipt of their aid at the Student Aid Office.

Students are reminded that tuition and student housing fees have first call upon financial aid received from any source.

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