Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

3.3.13 Curriculum Review

The Faculty realizes the need for constant review of the medical curriculum that is necessitated by:

a. rapid advances in scientific knowledge;
b. changes in the role of the medical school in the community and changes in the delivery of health care;
c. modifications to the class size (as mandated by the provincial government);
d. modifications to clinical training sites as mandated by the provincial government;
e. application of new principles of educational science to medical education.
A permanent Faculty Curriculum Committee, with student representation, is charged with the task of reviewing the curriculum and recommending any modifications of time allocation or content. An office of Curriculum Development was opened in January, 2005; it has the mandate of introducing the concept of physicianship (i.e., the physician as healer and professional) throughout the M.D., C.M. curriculum. Modifications, based on physicianship-related content, may be implemented at any time during the program.

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