Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

3.3.16 Requirements for the Degree of M.D.,C.M.

1. Every candidate for the degree of Doctor of Medicine and Master of Surgery in this University must be at least twenty years of age.
2. Candidates must have fulfilled all the requirements for entrance to the Faculty of Medicine.
3. No one is permitted to become a candidate for the degree who has not attended at least two full academic years at this University's Faculty of Medicine.
4. Every candidate for the degree must have passed all the required evaluations of the medical curriculum.

A matching service is a clearing house designed to help final year medical students obtain the residencies of their choice and to help hospitals and program directors obtain the students of their choice. It provides an orderly method for students to decide residency choice and for programs to decide which applicants they wish to enrol. For both students and program directors, it attempts to remove the factors that generate unfair pressures and premature decisions.

The matching service acts as the agent of students on the instructions embodied in the confidential list of all the residencies for which they have applied, ranked in order of preference. Similarly, the matching service acts as the hospital's agent on the instructions embodied in its confidential list of all the students who have applied, ranked in order of the hospital's preference.

Students at McGill have access to different matching services including the Canadian Resident Matching Service which matches applicants across Canada and the National Resident Matching Program which matches applicants to programs in the U.S.

The Faculty provides comprehensive career guidance. Information sessions and personal counselling are provided throughout the program. Students are given assistance in navigating the residency application process. To this end, the Faculty makes use of its extensive alumni network throughout North America.

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