Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

3.5.19 Otolaryngology

Core Courses
INDS 301 Introduction to Clinical Sciences.
(2) This course will teach all parts of history taking and physical examination in an objective and structured fashion. The course will be taught in small groups with one or two group leaders who will take the students through the principles of history taking and physical examination in a prearranged and structured mode. In the second and third week of the course, the students are asked to hone their skills by doing one written case report and physical examinations on patients from the ward. In the latter two weeks of the course, the students continue to refine their skills in groups, at the bedside, with their tutor.
The Department of Otolaryngology is a contributor to this course, providing instruction in otolaryngological history-taking and methods of physical examination.
Electives are available for students at the four affiliated teaching hospitals.
The Department's clinics are also used extensively in the fourth year ambulatory care experience.
Graduate Courses

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