Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

3.5.24 Psychiatry

Core Courses

This Department contributes to all curriculum components.


The Department participates in this interdisciplinary course (INDS 161, INDS 203)

PSYT 302 Psychiatry - ICM.
(1) This course will elaborate and reinforce introductory material in the field of psychiatry presented in early sections of the curriculum. In addition, it will provide students with the basic components of clinical psychiatry, preparatory to the Clerkships.
PSYT 401 Psychiatry - Clerkships.
Eight-week block training to acquaint all students (Core program) with the examination of patients and understanding of some of the major factors involved in abnormal behaviour. Diagnostic procedures, psychotherapeutic and physical methods of treatment will be among the aspects covered. Students will be provided with tutors on an individual and group basis and will also have an opportunity to become conversant with certain more specialized areas of the field of psychiatry. An attempt will be made to provide a comprehensive exposure to current theoretical models and treatment approaches in psychiatry, to indicate the relevance of certain concepts and attitudes to non-psychiatric medical practice, and to supply well-supervised clinical experience which is patient-oriented and responsibility-centered.
Graduate Courses

For information regarding courses leading to the M.Sc. degree in Psychiatry, see the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Calendar.

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