Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

5.1.5 Programs Offered

The School offers the following programs which are outlined in the relevant section of this Calendar.

1. The School offers the following bachelor programs.
A bachelor's program, B.Sc.(N.), for holders of a collegial (CEGEP) diploma in Health Sciences or Natural Sciences (or its equivalent). This program prepares students for entry into the Nurisng Profession.
A bachelor program, B.N., for registered nurses who graduated from a college or diploma nursing program; and the B.N. (Integrated Nursing option) for holders of the DEC 180.A0 or students from a comparable program.
2. The School offers an M.Sc. (A) in Nursing. This clinically based program prepares nurses to assume advanced practice roles in nursing (CNS or NP) or to tailor a program of study that meets specific career goals in such as administration and international health. There are two routes of entry to this program.
Applications to the Master's program are accepted from:
· Nurses holding a bachelor's degree in nursing equivalent to the B.Sc.(N.) or B.N. undergraduate degree offered at McGill.
· Graduates with a general B.A. or B.Sc. from programs comparable to the McGill undergraduate degrees and no previous nursing preparation. This route of entry to graduate studies in nursing is unique in Canada.
3. The School of Nursing of McGill University and the Faculté de Sciences Infirmières of the Université de Montréal offer a joint doctorate program leading to a Ph.D. in Nursing. Candidates that have completed master's level studies with either their undergraduate or graduate degree in Nursing are eligible to apply. Selected students may be admitted after completion of their first year of master's study at McGill.
The language of instruction at McGill is English. Every student has a right to write term papers, examinations and theses in English or in French except in courses where knowledge of a language is one of the objectives of the course.

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