Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

5.3 Registration and Regulations

The order in which clinical courses are offered may vary with the availability of clinical placement facilities. Clinical courses that are offered during the Summer sessions may require students to study during day time, evenings and week-ends.

Students admitted to the B.Sc.(N.) and B.N. programs are advised to refer to the Welcome to McGill booklet for information on Discover McGill activities.

New undergraduate nursing students may obtain information related to registration and/or academic advising on the Web at

Official registration through Minerva must be completed by the Orientation Session in August. Students registering late for reasons unrelated to the admission procedure are subject to the late payment fee.

All new students in Nursing should refer to the Vaccination Requirements outlined in the General University Information section 1.1.4 "Vaccination/Immunization Requirements". Annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended. General information is outlined in the first section of the calendar.

Valid First Aid and CPR Certification is required no later than January 30th of the first year of the program. This Certification must be maintained throughout the program.

Registration information for students in the Graduate Program will be provided by the School directly to the applicant.

Please note that Minerva will be closed to returning students for registration and course change from Tuesday, August 2 to Monday, August 8 inclusive.

Regulations Concerning Withdrawal

Faculty permission must be given to withdraw from a course.

Tuition fees for individual course withdrawal as well as for complete withdrawal from the University are refundable if done prior to deadlines specified in the Calendar of Dates.

Regulations Concerning Clinical Placements

An effort is made to place students within reasonable travelling
distance for clinical studies but this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, each student must budget a sum of money to travel to and from a clinical agency during their clinical course experiences.

The School of Nursing reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student at any time if, in the opinion of the School, the student is incompetent in clinical studies.

Students requesting clinical placements outside the McGill University Teaching Hospital Network (such as in the course NUR1 432 or NUR1 530) or on Specialized Units (i.e., Intensive Care), must be in Satisfactory Standing in their program as well as have a CGPA in NUR1 courses of at least 3.0. Placement decisions may also take into account the strength and completeness of the proposal for placement, the level of autonomy and accountability of the student, and interviews.

The order in which clinical courses are offered may vary with the availability of clinical placement facilities. Clinical courses that are offered during the Summer session may require students to study during the day time, evening and weekends.
BN students, other than those in the Integrated Program, must inform the Clinical Placement Coordinator of their preferences by the end of February for the following September. Students must indicate if they plan to do one or both community stages.
Criminal Reference Check:
Clinical agencies may require students entering their facility to undergo a Criminal Reference Check prior to being granted permission to enter their facility. Inability of the student to gain access to clinical study settings can preclude their ability to meet the clinical course requirements within their program of study.

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