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2005 - 2006

6.2 Programs and Admission Information

6.2.1 Professional Profiles

Occupational Therapy.

Occupational therapy examines all aspects of how occupation as a therapeutic intervention enhances and enables health-related quality of life. Individuals who are affected by physical injury, disability or psychosocial dysfunction are among the clientele served by occupational therapists. Occupational therapy maximizes independence, prevents disability and promotes health across the lifespan, from early intervention in infancy to preventive interventions with the well elderly. In the field of mental health, the occupational therapist contributes to clarifying the functional psychiatric diagnosis and assists clients in coping with environmental stress and integration into the community.

Physical Therapy.

Physical Therapists are health professionals who use their specialized skills to improve patients' physical dysfunction resulting from acute events such as accidents, neurological incidents or chronic conditions such as pulmonary disease. Besides providing direct care to patients, physical therapists conduct scientific research, work in industry to prevent injury in the workplace and participate in developing community-based preventive activities.

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