Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

7.5 Courses

All pre- and co-requisites in a course sequence leading to a more advanced course must be successfully completed before registration will be permitted in the advanced course.
‡Successful completion of all components parts of each level of Professional Practice (Stage) in Dietetics is a prerequisite for the next level. All required and complementary courses listed in semesters prior to or with a Stage are prerequisites for that level.
Undergraduate registration is restricted to students in the Dietetics Major, CGPA greater than or equal to 2.50. Visiting students contact the Advising Coordinator regarding eligibility for specific courses.
The course credit weight is given in parentheses after the title. Term(s) offered (Fall, Winter, Summer) may appear after the credit weight to indicate when a course would normally be taught. Please check the Class Schedule to confirm this information.
H Denotes courses taught only in alternate years.

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