Table of Contents

About this calendar

About this calendar

1. Introduction

1.1 Entrance Scholarships

1.2 In Course Awards

1.3 Graduating Awards

1.4 Financial Assistance

1.5 Athletic Awards for Entering Students

1.6 Athletic Awards for In Course Students

1.7 Activity Awards for In Course Students

1.8 External Awards

2. Entrance Scholarships and Awards

2.1 General Information

2.2 Entrance Scholarships and Awards

3. Awards to McGill Students In Course

3.1 General Information

3.2 Open to Students in Most Faculties

3.3 Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

3.4 Faculty of Arts

3.5 Faculty of Dentistry

3.6 Faculty of Education

3.7 Faculty of Engineering (including Architecture)

3.8 Faculty of Law

3.9 Faculty of Management

3.10 Faculty of Medicine

3.11 Faculty of Music

3.12 School of Nursing

3.13 School of Physical and Occupational Therapy

3.14 Faculty of Religious Studies

3.15 Faculty of Science

3.16 School of Social Work

3.17 Restricted Funds

4. Financial Assistance

4.1 General Information

4.2 Federal and Provincial Loans and Bursaries

4.3 Bursaries and Scholarships

4.4 Loan Funds

5. Activity Awards

5.1 Open to all In Course Students

5.2 Open to In Course Students in the Faculty of Education

5.3 Open to In Course Students in the Faculty of Management

6. Athletic Awards

6.1 Open to Entering Students

6.2 Open to In Course Students

7. External Awards