Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

1.5.6 Other Fees

International Student Health and Accident Plan (compulsory) Single
Application for Admission
All faculties (except Management graduate programs)
Management graduate programs
Reconsideration of Application (excluding Medicine and Dentistry)
Admission appeals charge (excluding Medicine)
Late Registration
After regular registration deadline:
All eligible returning students, except Special students and Graduate part-time students.
Special students and Graduate part-time students.
As of the second day of classes
All students except Special students and Graduate part-time students.
Special students and Graduate part-time and additional session students.
Late Course Change Fee
Minimum Charge upon withdrawal
Re-reading Examination Paper
(refundable if the letter grade is increased)
Supplemental Examinations, each written paper
Graduation Fee*
Duplicate ID Card
Late Payment
- charged on balances >$100 as of the end of October (end of February for the Winter term)
Interest on outstanding balances
1.3% per month or 15.6% annually
Returned cheque charge
Prepayment Fee:
* Students will be charged a graduation fee in their graduating year according to the following schedule: February graduation - end of November, May graduation - end of February, and October graduation - end of March. Students added to the graduation lists late will be charged accordingly.

Communication Sciences and Disorders Fees
M.Sc.(Applied) program, lab materials $50
M.Sc.(Applied) ID badge (1st year) $25
Dentistry - Purchases of Equipment and Materials Fee

In addition to the fees shown on the list of fees for Dentistry, students must purchase certain items of equipment and supplies from the Faculty of Dentistry. The fee also includes an amount for general supplies in the laboratories and clinics.

The estimated cost of these purchases is as follows:
Second Year $17,000
Third Year $7,000
Fourth Year $2,000
Dentistry and Medicine - Microscopes

In order to ensure that each student is adequately equipped for the microscopic work in histology, microbiology and pathology, a binocular microscope is provided for all students in first and second year. A rental fee sufficient to cover maintenance and repairs is charged.

Nursing Fees
Books, Uniform, Stethoscope, etc. $2,000
Graduate Pins (3rd year) $50 to $160
Nursing Explorations - 3 years $55 to $75 per year
Physical and Occupational Therapy Fees
Books and Other Equipment $1,000
Uniforms (Physical Therapy only) $100
Laboratory Materials $75

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