Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

3.5.17 Oncology

Core course - Introduction to Clinical Medicine
INDS 307 Principles of Oncology.
The ICM oncology course consists of eight hours of whole class teaching and a two-week clinical rotation in medical, surgical, pediatric, radiation oncology and palliative care units across the McGill-affiliated hospitals.

During the whole class teaching, the students are exposed to evidence-based guidelines in cancer epidemiology, cancer prevention and screening for major cancer sites, namely: breast, genito-urinary, colorectal and lung.

During their clinical rotations, the students are introduced to the basis principles of surgical, medical, pediatrics and radiation oncology. Objectives are to know cancer risks, clinical presentations, principles of cancer therapy; cancer prevention, cancer screening, genetic counseling and to interpret imaging and pathological data.

Students are also exposed to the principles of pain management and have one session on communication skills.

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