Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

5.1.4 History

The McGill School of Nursing has been educating nurses since 1920. The School is internationally recognized for its distinctive vision, leadership in nursing and the quality of its programs. McGill nursing graduates have earned a reputation as outstanding clinicians, educators, researchers, and leaders in the discipline.

Over the years the faculty of the School at McGill has worked to formulate a philosophy about the responsibilities and practice of nursing. This philosophy, known as the McGill Model of Nursing, directs the curriculum of the programs at the School and emphasizes health, the family, learning and development, collaboration with clients and working with the resources of individuals, families and communities. Its intent is to actively promote health and well-being in people of all ages and across all situations. The McGill Model is also central to the Department of Nursing of the McGill University Health Centre.

The first programs offered at the McGill School of Nursing in the 1920s were intended to develop knowledge and skill for nurses working in the field of community health. In those early years, education programs offered at McGill were directed at nurses holding diplomas from hospital schools. Since 1957 the School has offered a first level undergraduate degree in nursing to university students interested in health care. The increasing complexity of nursing practice, coupled with the rapid growth of knowledge about human behaviour during health and illness led to the development of the Master's program in nursing in 1961 and the joint Doctoral program in collaboration with the University of Montreal in 1994.

The first doctoral degree in nursing in Canada was awarded at McGill in 1990. In addition the McGill School continues to publish the Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, Canada's first refereed journal of research and scholarly papers in nursing.

The School is administered in the Faculty of Medicine and is located in Wilson Hall, which houses classrooms, learning labs, computer facilities, faculty offices, and lounges. Students registered in the School also take courses in other faculties within the University. Selected experience in nursing is provided in the McGill University Health Centre, and in a wide variety of other health and social agencies in Montreal.

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