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2005 - 2006

5.2.4 Scholarships, Bursaries and Prizes

There are a number of entrance scholarships open to students from all parts of Canada registering in the University. Information can be found in the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar available on the Web at

Isabel Clarke Dickson Woodrow Scholarships,
established in 2000 by a generous bequest from Isabel Clarke Dickson Woodrow for Canadian students entering an undergraduate Nursing program. While academic standing is of primary importance, account may also be taken of financial need and/or qualities of leadership in community and school activities. Awarded by the University Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid and renewable provided the holder maintains an academic standing satisfactory to the Committee. Any unspent funds may be awarded by the Student Aid Office as bursaries to Canadian undergraduate students in Nursing. Value: minimum $2,000 each.
Woman's General/Reddy Memorial and A.W. Lindsay Award,
established in 2001 by joint gifts from alumnae of the Reddy Memorial Hospital (formerly the Woman's General Hospital) and Estelle Aspler, Cert. Nursing. 1947, whose gifts are in memory of Agnes Winonah Lindsay, B.N. 1950. Awarded by the School of Nursing to undergraduate students who have completed at least one year of their degree program. Preference shall be given to students who are returning to obtain a university degree after working in the nursing profession with a college diploma. Value: minimum $500.
Grace Prescott Bursary,
established in 1990 by Grace Harriet Prescott to assist students pursuing studies in Nursing. Awarded on the basis of academic standing and financial need.
Nessa Leckie Memorial Award,
established in 2001 through a generous bequest from Nessa Leckie, B.N. 1961. Awarded by the School of Nursing to an outstanding student enrolled in the Master's program in the School of Nursing whose major area of studies is mental health nursing, who is working or has previously worked in the nursing field in an area relating to mental health and who has demonstrated clinical expertise in this area. Value: minimum $2,500.
Irma K. Riley Awards,
established through a bequest from Irma K. Riley, Cert. Nurs. 1951. Awarded on the basis of scholarly achievement by the School of Nursing to outstanding non-nurse applicants entering the Qualifying program for a Master's degree in Nursing. Value: minimum $2,800 each.

In-Course Awards

Nursing Alumnae Scholarship,
several scholarships of approximately $1,200 each. Awarded annually to undergraduate nursing students in the second and third year of their program and to students in the graduate program in Nursing. Three of these prizes are named: the Marion Lindeburgh Scholarship, the Irma Riley Award, and the Agnes Boisde Award. Application is made at the School early in the fall term.
Blandy Prize,
established in 2003 by the late June Blandy, B.N. (1971) to recognize academic excellence. Value: $50.
Clifford C.F. Wong Scholarship,
established in 1989 by the late Clifford C.F. Wong, B.Arch. (1960) to recognize distinguished academic standing. Awarded by the School to a continuing student having completed at least one year in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program. Value: $1,500.
The School of Nursing also awards Book Prizes and Canadian Journal of Nursing Research (CJNR) Prizes. Students are encouraged to inquire with the School of Nursing for additional fellowships and scholarships available within the current academic year.

Prizes awarded at Convocation

F. Moyra Allen Prize,
established in honour of the distinguished career and international renown of F. Moyra Allen, B.N., Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Nursing. Awarded by the School to a graduate of the Master's program who shows potential for a distinctive career in the study and practice of nursing. Value: $800.
Lexy L. Fellowes Memorial Prize,
established in 1969 by Miss Rae Fellowes in memory of her mother, this prize is awarded to the student with the highest academic and professional achievement in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program. Value: $800.
Anne Marie Fong Hum Memorial Prize,
awarded to the student who has demonstrated sensitivity and skill in helping patients and families cope with situations related to long-term illness. Value: $200.
McGill Alumnae Society Prize,
presented to a graduating student for excellence and high academic standing. Value: $150.
A complete list of scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards, and the regulations governing the various loan funds are given in the Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards Calendar and in the Graduate Fellowships and Awards section of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Calendar. Both are available on the Web at

Candidates for the Graduate Program are advised to begin applications for such awards as early as possible in order to complete the process prior to entry into the program.

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