Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

7.3.1 Academic Credit Transfer

Transfer of credits (maximum of 30) based on courses taken at other institutions before entrance to this Faculty is made by the Admissions Committee prior to entrance.

Transfer of credits may be made for work at other educational institutions during a student's attendance at McGill University. Permission to apply such credits to a McGill program must be secured by the student from the Academic Adviser of their program before the work is undertaken. Forms are available in the Student Affairs Office (Macdonald Campus). Grades obtained in such courses do not enter into calculations of grade point averages (GPA) in this Faculty.

Exemption from a Required or Complementary course on the basis of work completed at another institution must be approved by both the Academic Adviser and the instructor of the appropriate McGill course.

Full-time students may, with the written permission of the Associate Dean (Student Affairs) of the Faculty, register for 3 credits, or exceptionally 6 credits, in each semester at any university in the province of Quebec. These courses successfully completed with a minimum grade of C (according to the standards of the university giving the course), will be recognized for the purpose of the degree but the grades obtained will not enter into calculations of GPA in this Faculty.

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