Health Sciences Calendar
2005 - 2006

7.3.2 Standing

The program for the degree with a Major in Nutrition will normally be completed in three academic years or six semesters (following the Freshman Year, if one is required). The degree with a Major in Dietetics will normally be completed in three and one-half academic years or seven semesters. For the purpose of student classification, the years will be termed U1, U2 and U3.

U1 to be used during the first 12 months following each admission to a degree program in which the student is required to complete 72 or more credits at the time of admission.
U2 to be used for all students who are not U1 or U3.
U3 to be used during the session in which it is expected the student will qualify to graduate.
Academic Advisers

Before registration, all students must select a Major program of study. They must consult with the Academic Adviser of their chosen program for the selection and timetabling of Required, Complementary, and Elective courses. The Academic Adviser will continue to act in this capacity during the whole of the student's studies in the Faculty, with the exception of Freshmen who have a separate Frenshman Adviser.

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